Advantage Geophysics Inc.

Advantage Geophysics, Inc. (AGI) provides professional geologic and geophysical consulting services to commercial and public projects including hybrid source audio magnetotellurics (HSAMT), private utility locating and mapping, seismic evaluations (depth to bedrock, rippability, IBC Vs100, seismic Site Class, seismic reflection, fault detection), resistivity tomography profiling, void detection, earth fissure detection, Wenner array ASTM G57 and IEEE Std. 81 soil corrosion and grounding studies, fall of potential (FOP) ground rod and ground grid testing, ground penetrating radar (GPR), magnetics and electromagnetics, groundwater resource exploration, lithium brine detection, well siting, ground vibration monitoring, blast monitoring, and gravity evaluations for geologic structure and fault detection. Our professional staff are composed of skilled people with degrees and/or advanced degrees in geology and/or geophysics.